Top 5 Reasons Paper Timesheets Suck

1. They make your business look like it can't keep up with the times

If your company is still using timesheets, your employees and clients are probably looking at you and wondering where it all went wrong. There's probably lots of faxing still going on to... It's time to update things. Paper timesheets allow for a more efficient workflow with less errors, less paper waste and less delays in communication.

2. They allow for excuses

When your employees are offsite, you've probably heard this a million times: "I sent the timesheets, didn't you receive them?". Give the supervisor a few hours and now they magically get retrieved with a story that goes something like this... "So and so forgot to fax/Fedex (replace with any other antiquated sending method)". Online timesheets are filled and approved online which means that the payroll admin can see and know exactly when employees have filled their hours and when supervisors have reviewed them. To make it even better, TimeMuse offers a great feature called "Send Reminder" which you can click on all day long that sends automatically a prepared email to make your employees and supervisors wake up and do their tasks. No phone calls, no hunting down a pile of paper lost somewhere in an office.

3. They destroy the planet

We can't save the planet from all pollutants but we can save it from more wasted paper. The era of the triplicate paper timesheet produced for a thousand employees 52 times a year has come and gone. This mass of paper is created for no reason. If a "paper trail" is important to your company (it usually is), use our wonderful "Create PDF" feature to keep a timesheet copy, save it on your computer, on your server, on your backup disk and even on your desktop if it makes you feel safer.

4. They take time to process

There's no reason that Suzie, that lovely awesome payroll administrator you hired with a degree in finance should have to spend 1 or 2 days a week doing 8+2+7+1... She's overqualified for the first grade math you're making her do. Sure, your employees are asked to total their hours but how many times do they mess up their additions and how many times does Suzie have to correct mistakes? Paper timesheets require someone to compile them, add hours, figure out cryptic handwritten notes from employees on lunch breaks not taken and so on. They waste your payroll employees' time and your company's money. Online timesheets have come a long way. TimeMuse does all the math for you AND it still allows for employees to write you little notes to explain why they were late or why they left early.. The only work involved is read, approve and click and import to payroll.

5. They are hard to retrieve

Your employee calls. They ask about that time - 4 weeks ago - they didn't get paid overtime on the Tuesday when they stayed late.. Where is that paper timesheet you now need to retrieve to clarify things? It's in a drawer somewhere in the office, filed with a thousand other paper timesheets. When you have TimeMuse, you log in, go to your employee's page and there's your information. No walking, no paper hunt.