Top 5 Reasons Managers Give for NOT Using Online Timesheets

1. It's hard to implement

That's the number one reason potential clients give us. Nobody likes change, that's a fact but some changes are easier to implement than others. Changing payroll software, or inventory systems can be a painful and long process which will equally annoy your clients and employees and we find many businesses think that implementing an online timesheet will be equally painful. Surprisingly however, online timesheets are usually pain-free to implement. The main reason it is pain-free - and this applies to TimeMuse specifically - is that it follows your business process and in many ways recreates the paper timesheet, except it all happens online without all the paper and the math. Most of our clients are up and running in a week or so and most we never hear from after a month of using our software. We take that as a compliment.

2. It's expensive

We did the math. What's expensive is paying an overqualified payroll admin to do basic math one or two days a week, wasting time chasing employees to submit their hours and chasing supervisors to approve and send them by fax or mail or Fedex. And here's a secret.. we don't usually discuss our costs online but to make our point, we'll make an exception.. TimeMuse online timesheet costs between $2 and $3 per employee per month for most small and medium sized businesses. It's the cheapest technological improvement that your business could implement this year and it's actually a huge cost-cutting move.

3. It's not the right time

Most successful businesses have big projects on the go. It's the sign of a successful business and we usually get it when managers tell us the time isn't right for them to implement a paper timesheet. We also know that while your business is growing in some ways, keeping a paper timesheet system means it's now officially falling behind the times. Most large businesses have already implemented some form of online timesheet/timekeeping method. And while you're busy not implementing an online system, your competition is.

4. Our timesheet is set up differently than others

After reviewing hundreds of timesheet designs, we've come to the conclusion that most timesheets are the same. Yes, layouts vary, some people have time in, time out with lunch times, some have time in, time out, time in, time out, some have total hours and overtime separate. Some list what they do, some don't. Some companies use special codes to say that they were lifting something heavy or others have expenses they need to note. Well, shockingly, online timesheets, just like paper timesheets can handle all that. TimeMuse does. We're actually one of the few online timesheets software that doesn't ask you to change the way you work but adjusts to your business needs.

5. We worry about security and auditing

We worried about that too. For that reason, we run our software on secure, backed up servers. We also address the potential need for our clients to have a "paper trail" by having a series of fail-safe method to assure that all data entered will always be accessible.