Candidate Registration General Information

Candidate Registration is a web application designed to be used either as a stand-alone application or used interfacing with an applicant database. It is easy to maintain, easy to modify and easy to extract from by managers and it is easy to use by candidates. It is a perfect application for businesses that need to manage and streamline multiple candidate applications per day such as staffing agencies.

Hosting & Security
JASM CR is offered as a Software as a service (SaaS). It is hosted on secure servers with SSL security certificate. Server data is backed up daily and managed by JASM Software Inc... There are no hardware requirements on the client’s part and all management actions can be done by the admin from any up-to-date browser. Client will have their form installed on the domain.
Each client has a unique address: e.g. https:/

Appearance & Setup
JASM CR is fully customized for clients including pages wanted, fields wanted and mandatory fields and validation, color-scheme (CSS-based theming) and personalized logos and blurbs.